Vic Basmadjian

As part of our Group Coaching program, we have started a new series where we shine the spotlight on members of our program. The first member spotlighted is Vic Basmadjian, whose success story is inspirational.

Vic reached a peak weight of 295 pounds, and had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, acid reflux, very low energy levels, and says he was not in a good place with his overall health.

That was before he found the keto/low-carb lifestyle and sustainably lost 100 pounds and significantly improved his health. Dr. Tro also shared an interesting study examining the foods people find the most problematic there is a real common theme in most of them that validate the Yale food addiction scale YFAS Study

Discussion with Vic:

  • One of the things that have helped Vic lose and maintain his 100-pound weight loss is having the ability to replace what he can’t restrict when cravings happen. Vic’s favorite is fathead pizza.
  • Vic got started on his low-carb journey by originally just cutting back on carbs like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta. Then he was introduced to Dr. Tro by his wife and got the information he needed to go full low carb.
  • Intermittent fasting has been an instrumental tool in Vic’s success, He let this process happen naturally and extended his eating window gradually. Some days his windows are shorter if under stress or poor sleep, but on most days fasts 20 hours. Though Vic has many posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter showing off his keto culinary treat creations, he usualyy only prepares these types of recipes once a week.
  • Like most of us, Vic still struggles with the mental battle of food addiction and the foods of the past even though his success, discipline, and determination are strong.
  • During the week Vic basically sticks to staple foods such as meat, chicken, eggs, seafood, and vegetables, and on the weekends he makes low carb dishes of whatever he and his wife want to spoil themselves with.
  • During Vic’s journey he only walked lightly for the first six months for exercise. After six months, he picked up his pace walking and started stationary biking. By the end of the first year he was doing biking outside and light weights, He is shooting for 2021 to be the year he kicks up the fitness activity.
  • When facing naysayers Vic politely ignores this negativity and finds over time that most give up and leave you alone. If they persist he uses one-liners like “Would you offer cigarettes to someone trying to quit smoking?”
  • Vic’s top tip that he has learned during his first three years is to not fall into the trap of falling for processed foods labeled ‘keto’ and overeating keto replacements daily. He advises people to avoid using them as staples but to use them as training wheels in the beginning and a crutch as time goes on.
  • When the scale stopped moving, Vic kept measurements and paid attention to how his clothes fit and how he was feeling, rather than focusing on the scale number.

Other Commentary:

  • Added excessive fats or cooking everything in butter and adding cheese, dressing, and oils to things can easily drive you to eat more than you would otherwise.  adding it, This can also switch on the brain’s reward center. For example, if someone typically eats three burger patties alone they can easily eat four or five if there is added cheese or bacon. Over time this can stall weight loss and change body composition. At the clinic, we call this “Fat Creep”.
  • Community is very important when you need support. It’s nice to have someone to reach out to in situations where the scale isn’t moving, if you’re feeling weak and you need a replacement idea, or if you just need someone to talk to who relates to your way of eating or struggles.
  • During the holidays it is easy to overindulge in these keto treats and things like nuts and dairy. Be mindful of this and do not let it become a habit and continue to the point it disrupts progress.

You can follow Vic on Twitter or Instagram, and listen to him in Episode 46 of the LowCarbMDpodcast.

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Article by Brian Wiley

Brian Wiley is a Certified Health Coach who struggled to lose weight for most of his life. He attempted most of the mainstream approaches, along with the standard advice to “eat, less move more.” This advice resulted in minimal short-term success, or no success at all. Brian then adopted a low-carb lifestyle in 2009, and succeeded in losing 100 pounds. He has maintained that weight loss ever since using a low-carb ketogenic IF lifestyle. "I see people every day, both in real life and on social media, struggling, going through the same cycles of unsuccessful dieting like I did. I want to serve as an example that this approach can be successful, is not a fad, and is a healthy long-term lifestyle solution." Brian is also an ACE certified personal trainer.