At our weekly group meeting, the team discussed what is “dirty” & “lazy” keto. The team discussed the various positive and negative effects of employing a dirty/lazy keto approach.

Main topics discussed at the meeting:

  • Should you try dirty/lazy keto?
  • What are the positive and negative effects?
  • How to safely incorporate this appraoch into your life?
  • Can we trust the accuracy of pre-packaged Keto products?

Main Suggestion

  • The group talked about one of the tennents of food addiction used by the coaches: “Replace what you cant restrict”
  • The group also talked about employing these options only when necessary, comparing it to a spare tire
  • We explained why many in our practice replace Hershey bars with Lillys.
  • We discussed being honest about your basic needs, and that providing a “way out” may be necessary early on.
  • We ask that those who employ “dirty/lazy” keto continually re-evaluate and ask themselves if they can do better, and to use these tools only as long as its the best they can do.

Other Considerations:

  • Some have trouble moderating with this approach.
  • Be aware if these foods are triggering addicting behavior
  • Be accountable, have a resource in place to not overly self-judge
  • Studies showed that processed foods can cause 600cal more a day
  • There is no governmental regulation on what is allowed to be labeled “keto”
  • Food companies use deceptive practices to get labels to look better
  • Food companies disguise names of sugar as fiber and starches to hide them

Science Corner:

Article by Tro Kalayjian

I am a board-certified physician, I lost 150lbs to reclaim my health for myself and my family. I did it by ignoring much of the conventional medical advice that we have been told. My life's goal is to get you healthy and prevent disease. I want to get you OFF of your medications.