Our Member Spotlight at this week’s meeting, Stacy Rappold had tried just about every diet out there many times over, Nutri system, Weight Watchers, Diet Center even a hot dog and Wasa bread diet (!), before she ultimately decided to have lap-band surgery in 2010. When none of those attempts produced any sustainable weight loss, she became inspired by her brother to try a low carbohydrate approach. Her journey is well underway, and she has lost weight, increased mental clarity, and reduced hunger unlike anything experienced with any other diet attempts. But like many of us, she still struggles.


  • When Stacy would start a new diet, she would typically have success in the beginning, but would eventually regain it all back and then some.
  • In 2010, she had lap band surgery and thought it would be the fix after the many years of struggle. Unfortunately, it presented a new set of problems and the lap band caused her gastric issues and had to be loosened. Once that happened, she eventually regained her pre and post-surgery weight loss.
  • Stacy’s brother, a patient of Dr. Tro, introduced Stacy to low carb. In April 2019, her brother helped guide her to get started, and she did well until the holidays. Some indulgences over Thanksgiving turned into Christmas which turned into a 7-month spiral. That summer, Stacy’s brother suggested she seek out health coach Amy Eiges after reading her blog post “I Am Not Broken.” 
  • Stacy noticed that she struggles during holidays the most, especially if trying to fast. The high stress and navigating higher carb food situations during this time creates the perfect storm if she is not prepared.
  • Stacy discussed her current struggles with going up and down the same ten pounds for a few months. The team suggested getting back to basics, asking the family to help prepare, and eating until full. In addition, Dr. Tro, Brian and Amy all agreed that eliminating fasting until things get easier and her appetite is back to being suppressed is the best way to go.
  • Stacy mentioned a great strategy she used to avoid tempting foods at her workplace: she eats a large meal before work to keep her full and not eat the junk food in the break room at work.
  • Stacy said that she does great during the week, but the weekends are a challenge. The team suggested making extra during the week for leftovers on the weekends so that when she gets home from work on Saturday she has an easy meal readily available. They also suggested buying quick and easy meals like burger and chicken patties from fast-food restaurants or rotisserie chickens from the supermarket to take the stress out of worrying about making dinner and cleaning the kitchen.
  • Some other group coaching members suggested packing her own snacks to take to work, writing down things she needs help with and assigning them to her kids to help out with.
  • Stacy says to trust the process, and that working with a health coach helped her understand that this is a long game and that do everything to avoid getting frustrated by isolated bad days and scale fluctuations.

Article by Brian Wiley

Brian Wiley is a Certified Health Coach who struggled to lose weight for most of his life. He attempted most of the mainstream approaches, along with the standard advice to “eat, less move more.” This advice resulted in minimal short-term success, or no success at all. Brian then adopted a low-carb lifestyle in 2009, and succeeded in losing 100 pounds. He has maintained that weight loss ever since using a low-carb ketogenic IF lifestyle. "I see people every day, both in real life and on social media, struggling, going through the same cycles of unsuccessful dieting like I did. I want to serve as an example that this approach can be successful, is not a fad, and is a healthy long-term lifestyle solution." Brian is also an ACE certified personal trainer.