Member Spotlight: Mary N.

Age: 72 Where do you live? I live in North Jersey. Profession? Retired from Operations /Trade Show Company Diet/weight history? I have been as high as 200 pounds and as low as 158. Weight was a concern throughout my life and I tried all the usuals: WW; Optifast and pills that turned out to be […]

Member Spotlight: Beth

First name: Beth Age: 49 Where do you live? Charlotte, North Carolina Profession: Was in dentistry 16 years and now have gone into commercial banking as of July 11th. Diet/weight history: My entire life I considered myself fat, even at 150 pounds I considered myself heavy. My dad’s family are all morbidly obese. My grandmother […]

Member Spotlight: Shannon

Join our community to interact with Shannon and others who are pursuing their weight loss journey’s First name: Shannon Age: 51 Where do you live? New Orleans area Profession? Customer Service Diet/weight history? I’ve done it all, and have gained, lost and gained back 75+ pounds three times in my life. In my early 20s […]

Member Spotlight: Sue

First name: Sue Age: 50 Where do you live? Cedar Falls Profession? Finance / Operations for a tech company Diet/weight history? I grew a foot between 4th and 5th grade, to my current height of 5’10”. I wasn’t fat but my height made me feel so much bigger than everyone else and I wanted to […]

The Lying Liar: Learned Helplessness & Food Addiction

learned helplessness NOUN A condition in which a person has a sense of powerlessness, arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed. It is thought to be one of the underlying causes of depression.[1] What Is Learned Helplessness? Learned helplessness occurs when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot […]

Member Spotlight: Dee Hodgson

Name? Dee Hodgson Age? 52 years old Where do you live?  St. Joseph, MI (a little town on Lake Michigan) Profession?  Fundraiser for local Boys & Girls Clubs Diet/weight history?  First diet – age 8. I was a low fat devotee. Through high school and college I was always either dieting or eating junk. (Did […]

Member Spotlight: Julie

First name: Julie Age: 49 Where do you live? Bellingham, Washington Profession? Special Education Teacher (middle school for students with learning and behavioral disabilities) Diet/weight history? High fat carnivore (current); grew up in a unstable home environment; parents fed us vegetarian diet and restricted how much we were allowed to eat; competitive swimmer until age […]

Member Spotlight: Lauren

First name: Lauren Age: 35 Where do you live? Niskayuna, NY Profession? CPA Diet/weight history? I’ve always loved food and have had an appetite. I was never skinny, but was always very active, played sports, and would not have been considered fat. I wore a size 8/ 12 in high school. In college despite being […]

Moderation is a Fairytale

At some point (likely many points) during your low-carb journey, you will encounter a tempting food that is off-plan, and something resembling the following will roll around in your brain: “You can eat that — just have a few bites!! Go ahead! It’s fine! You’ve been so…good. You deserve a treat. You will get right […]

Member Spotlight: Carrie and Angelo

First name: Carrie Age (optional): 50 Where do you live? Albany NY area Profession? Global sales Diet/weight history? As a child I was average. By high school I was a little curvier than my friends, after college I gained weight and went on a yo-yo with my weight until I had children at age 38.  From […]

The Importance of Self-Care

It’s no secret that as a society we are all under a ridiculous amount of stress, and our own self-care often suffers serious neglect. What we have seen in our practice, tracking the remote scales of clients and patients who have graduated from our weight loss program, is that if someone is stumbling and their […]

Negative Lifestyle Creep

In working with clients and patients on a low carb and ketogenic diet approach, Dr. Tro, Amy, and I talk a lot about carb and fat creep. These are two things we often see as roadblocks to those of us eating a low carb diet — especially if we have been doing it for a […]

Member Spotlight: Bob Henneberg

Name: Robert (Bob) Henneberg Age: 55 Where do you live? Ellicott City, Maryland Profession: I worked as a writer early on after college. In graduate school, I had some severe medical problems that ended my academic career and actually prevented me from reading or writing anything for a year. This helped lead me in the direction […]


How To Start a Low-Carb ‘Diet’

How do I start low carb? That’s an important question you need to consider if you’ve ever thought about using therapeutic carbohydrate reduction (TCR) to meet your weight loss and metabolic health goals. Unfortunately, starting a low-carb/ketogenic diet can be very confusing, because there is so much conflicting information out there. A simple Google search […]

Lessons Learned on the Road to Losing 225 Pounds

Keep your total carbs low. Shorten your eating window. Move your body. Get enough sleep and manage your stress. Those are the basics. But the road to leaving obesity behind for good is long and winding, and fraught with potential stumbling blocks. A few things I’ve learned along the way… 1) Hunger. Understanding the many […]

Dr. Tro Co-Authors Case Series Showing Diabetes Can be Reversed by Keto & IF

A case series recently co-authored by Dr. Tro Kalayjian, DO, suggests diabetes can be reversed through the implementation of a very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. The manuscript is entitled Treating Diabetes Utilizing a Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting Without Significant Weight Loss: A Case Report and was published June 28, 2021, […]

6/22/2021 Group Meeting: All-or-Nothing Thinking

In this week’s group meeting, Dr. Tro and Health Coaches Amy Eiges and Brian Wiley discussed all-or-nothing thinking in relation to diet and exercise and how this extreme view has negatively impacted their goals. Discussion: Dr. Tro started the discussion with a member who was struggling to lose weight after having surgery. Tro talked about […]

6/1/2021 Group Meeting – Staying on Track

In this week’s group meeting, Dr. Tro and health coaches Amy Eiges and Brian Wiley discussed how to keep your diet momentum going. Many people are feeling anxious about maintaining their health goals with things starting to open up after COVID restrictions and more opportunities for socializing. The team discussed ways to navigate these situations […]

Nuts and Dairy: Fat Creep on Low Carb

Nuts and dairy are very popular foods on a low carb or ketogenic diet — they are nutritious, low in carbs and contain healthy fats and protein. The problem? They are also very energy-dense and hyperpalatable which makes them very easy to overeat. If raw and unsalted, you’re less likely to overconsume them, but when […]

5/11/2021 Group Meeting – Food Addiction

In this week’s group meeting, Dr. Tro and health coaches Amy Eiges and Brian Wiley discussed the subject of food addiction, the ways to differentiate what true hunger is and the things that drive us to eat that have little to do with physical hunger. Dr. Tro interviewed Amy asking her the questions from the […]

My Approach to Exercise…

One of the most pervasive public health messages in the past 30 years has been to eat “less and exercise more.” Unfortunately, this message has been an overwhelming failure. We are often advised to exercise, however, if we are severely overweight this can be quite challenging. I typically advise patients to focus on fixing their […]

Is Low-carb Eating Expensive?

Is low-carb eating expensive? The short answer is NO, but it can be if you let it! Why? The main culprit is prepackaged keto products. A lot of people buy these to replace the old carb-filled foods they used to eat, but a lot of these products are very expensive and if you make them […]

4/20/2020 Group Meeting – Exercise

In this week’s group meeting, Dr. Tro and health coaches Amy Eiges and Brian Wiley continued exercise month by answering questions from the group. Discussion:  There were many questions about getting started with exercise, if you’re out of shape or have a lot of weight to lose: when she began her 200-pound weight loss, Amy […]

Why Are You Eating?

Every time my eating spirals out of control into a case of the “F-its” (also known as “F-it…I’ve screwed up, so I’m gonna eat all the things and start again on Monday”) it is food addiction talking, somehow convincing me that I don’t care. This all-or-nothing thinking tells me: “Go ahead, eat that. It’s no […]

The Low Carb, Keto Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are coming fast and for most of us, they present unavoidable challenges no matter what phase of the low-carb ketogenic journeys we’re in. They are the #1 cause of people abandoning their diets and undoing all their hard work. We all know about the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but things really […]

Near Catastrophic Medical Event Involving Dr. Tro’s Father Leads to Donation of Medical Devices to Armenia

A near catastrophic medical event involving the father of physician Dr. Tro Kalayjian has led to the donation of two potentially lifesaving handheld portable ultrasound machines to the Association of Cardiologists of Armenia and the Republican Medical Center of Artsakh. The donation is the result of a collaboration between Friends of Armenia (FAR) supporter Dr. […]

Dr. Tro Co-Authors Case Series Showing Hypertriglyceridemia Can be Reversed by Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting.

A case series recently co-authored by Dr. Tro Kalayjian, DO, suggests hypertriglyceridemia can be reversed through the implementation of a very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. The manuscript is entitled Reversal of severe hypertriglyceridemia with intermittent fasting and a very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet: a case series, and was published July 27, 2020, in Current Opinion in […]

Are You Hungry?

By Amy Eiges I recently wrote on Twitter about the value of “failing” at many attempts to lose weight, all of which landed me before Dr. Tro and the beautifully simple question he posed after reviewing my food logs. He never asked that I track food, but I was terrified not to, conditioned by countless […]

Rosette’s Baked Goods and Dr. Tro Donate Low-Carb Cookies to Greenwich Hospital

Today at Yale New Haven Health Greenwich Hospital, front-line health care workers received a healthy and delicious gift of keto-friendly, low-carb, sugar-free cookies from Rosette’s Baked Goods to help lift spirits as they continue to stand up to the challenges posed by the coronavirus. The individually wrapped cookies were donated by Rosette Kalayjian, founder of […]

Weathering the Perfect Storm

By Amy  Eiges If you are brand new to keto/low carb or just starting out on your weight loss journey, you might want to save this blog post for a rainy day, but for the many of us that have been at this for a while and possibly discouraged, frustrated, stalled, finding it difficult to […]

Online Group Coaching Aims to Help Participants Maintain Benefits of Low Carb & Fasting; Manage Stress During These Difficult Times

Sign-up Link for Group Coaching Register by July 7 to waive the introductory session fee. UPDATED JUNE 30 – A Message from Dr. Tro Topics for Group Coaching Zoom Meeting June 30, 2020 – 5:30 p.m. EDT Being Consistent Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis Our practice has hosted more than a dozen free online Town Hall […]

Low Carb MD Podcast Releases 100th Episode

Physicians Tro & Lenzkes Push Back Against Decades of Bad Dietary Advice, Changing Lives in the Process Dr. Brian Lenzkes and Dr. Tro Kalayjian hit a major milestone Monday, with the release of the 100th episode of their popular Low Carb MD podcast. It seemed fitting that the Episode 100 featured an interview with low-carb […]

Update on COVID

I wanted to share some thoughts as many questions are coming into my office about COVID. The issue with COVID is not necessarily what the virus will do to young & healthy people, the real issue is overwhelming/taxing a limited healthcare system with severe respiratory disease & deaths (the complications of COVID typically seen in […]

Low Carb New York Conference to be Held July 16-19, 2020

Board Certified Obesity Doctor Tro Kalayjian to Bring Biggest Names in Keto, Low Carb & Intermittent Fasting to Hudson Valley’s HNA Palisades Conference Center This groundbreaking conference—organized by Dr. Tro Kalayjian in partnership with The Fasting Method by IDM & LowCarbUSA—will feature keynotes and presentations on topics relating to low carb, keto, and fasting from […]

Dr. Tro Co-Authors Case Series Demonstrating Feasibility of Ketogenic Diet For Patients With Obesity, Binge Eating, & Food Addiction Symptoms

A case report recently co-authored by Dr. Tro Kalayjian, DO, has demonstrated the feasibility of prescribing a ketogenic diet for patients with obesity who report binge eating and food addiction symptoms. Published January 29, 2020 in the Journal of Eating Disorders, the report is entitled Treating binge eating and food addiction symptoms with low-carbohydrate Ketogenic […]

Bringing Keto, Low Carb, & Fasting Conference to New York is Latest “Impossible” Task for Weight Loss Doc Who Once Weighed 350 Pounds

PALISADES, NY, January 8, 2020 —When Tro Kalayjian weighed 350 pounds just five years ago, running even a very short distance seemed impossible. Last month, shortly after completing a 5k race (3.1 miles) in under 20 minutes for the second consecutive year, the Board Certified Obesity and Internal Medicine physician said “Most of us have […]

“P:E Diet” Co-Author Ted Naiman, Surgeon Robert Cywes Added to Powerhouse Low Carb New York Conference Roster

Board Certified Obesity Doctor Tro Kalayjian to Bring Biggest Names in Keto, Low Carb & Intermittent Fasting to Hudson Valley’s HNA Palisades Conference Center in July 2020 PALISADES, NY, December 17, 2019 — Two more big names in the world of low-carb nutrition are the most recent additions to a power-packed lineup of speakers scheduled […]

Rockland Doctor Teams Up with Restaurant Owner to Expand Low-Carb, Keto Options

Weight Loss Physician Tro Kalayjian & NoodleHub Proprietor Jack Sitti Enthusiastic About Zoodles Like many of his patients, Dr. Tro Kalayjian is able to maintain a healthy weight⁠—after many years of being morbidly obese⁠—by following a low-carb diet. A recurring challenge he and his patients both face is finding healthy menu options compatible with their […]

Can Old Doctors Learn New Tricks?

Patient Convinces Cardiologist to Hold Off on Meds & Allow Him to Give Low-Carb a Try The following account was written in April, 2019 by Bob, a patient of Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss & Direct Primary Care. I had an appointment to meet with a cardiologist about three weeks after starting my weight-loss program […]

Stress: The Leading Cause of Weight Regain

By Dr. Tro Kalayjian While very few physicians have embraced remote monitoring, our practice has been thriving on the use of remotely monitoring patient biometric data. In our clinic, almost all of our patients have smart equipment in their homes which wirelessly sync with our practice. We monitor body weight, fat mass, water weight, muscle […]

“I Am Not Broken”

Freedom is Attainable — It’s On the Other Side of the Mountain of Garbage We’ve All Been Fed The following article was submitted by Amy Eiges “Jeez, Amy. What are you getting so worked up about?” I’m at brunch with my closest friends and they’re all staring at me dumbfounded. We are talking about a […]

“That Patient Was Me…”

“Questioning Dietary Dogma”—Dr. Tro Kalayjian Delivers Grand Rounds Presentation at Greenwich Hospital GREENWICH, CT — Dr. Tro Kalayjian stands at the podium in the Noble Conference Center at Greenwich Hospital. Nearly 50 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, along with a few members of the general public who learned of his appearance on Twitter, have […]

Do Athletes Need Carbs?

While many dietitians and nutritionists who keep up with the medical literature have become more accepting of low carb & ketogenic diets, many still hold on to their biases. Many dietitians, nutritionists and physicians are not aware that low carb and ketogenic diets are now an ADA recommended medical nutrition therapy for diabetes and high […]

Grand Rounds Presentation on Hunger & Obesity at Virginia Commonwealth University

On Thursday, June 13th, 2019, Dr. Tro Kalayjian presented at Virginia Commonwealth University, to the Department of Medicine at Internal Medicine Grand Rounds. The presentation was made to the Department of Medicine staff, including attending physicians, residents and medical students as well as the VA and satellite offices. The title of the presentation was “Questioning […]

Is Fruit Healthy?

Patients ask me all the time… “Is fruit is healthy?” Many patients are shocked to discover that my recommendations are NOT to eat as many fruits and vegetables that you possibly can. Particularly when patients are diabetic, pre-diabetic or have fatty liver disease, I may in fact recommend that some patients REDUCE all of their […]

Avoiding Processed Food

One of the cornerstones of any healthy lifestyle change is increasing the amount of real food and thus limited the amounts of processed food. Undoubtedly some may ask, what exactly is processed food? After all, isn’t cheese and yogurt processed? By and large, when we talk about “processed food”, we are talking about cookies, crackers, […]

Can food be thy medicine?

Many evidence-based proponents will be quick to judge clinicians who claim that food can “improve symptoms of mental health disorders”, or when clinicians say that a good diet can “reverse” or even “cure disease”.  Let’s take a look at some of the literature to see what the “evidence” tells us. Does food/glycemia/nutrition affect mood, depression, […]

Why I Don’t Emphasize Calorie Counting…

It’s easier to track hours of eating than calories. It’s easier to track sugar/carbs than calories. It’s easier to track pounds of steak, fish, shrimp, chicken than calories. Even if you did track calories, per the literature, you’d be off by 20-50%. Even if you were a medical doctor, or nutritionist, per the literature, your […]

Is Protein King?

One of the problems is that protein can be engineered to be hyperpalatable. Think of how good protein bars, protein shakes, protein cookies & protein chips taste… And now think about how widely available they are… While there may be some unique hormonal signals w/high protein intake that may induce satiety, the flavor & palatability […]

Long-Term Weight-Loss Strategies

There are exactly 5 ways to lose weight in the LONGTERM- WITHIN a low carb, keto/carnivore dietary paradigm •Preventing Carb Creep •Time Restricted Feeding •Protein Leverage •Hunger Re-Assessment •Exercise Preventing Carb Creep In any dietary paradigm, when it’s new, a person naturally restricts until they get accustomed to eating within the framework. As time goes […]