Can food be thy medicine?

Many evidence-based proponents will be quick to judge clinicians who claim that food can “improve symptoms of mental health disorders”, or when clinicians say that a good diet can “reverse” or even “cure disease”.  Let’s take a look at some of the literature to see what the “evidence” tells us. Does food/glycemia/nutrition affect mood, depression, […]

Why I Don’t Emphasize Calorie Counting…

It’s easier to track hours of eating than calories. It’s easier to track sugar/carbs than calories. It’s easier to track pounds of steak, fish, shrimp, chicken than calories. Even if you did track calories, per the literature, you’d be off by 20-50%. Even if you were a medical doctor, or nutritionist, per the literature, your […]

Is Protein King?

One of the problems is that protein can be engineered to be hyperpalatable. Think of how good protein bars, protein shakes, protein cookies & protein chips taste… And now think about how widely available they are… While there may be some unique hormonal signals w/high protein intake that may induce satiety, the flavor & palatability […]

Long-Term Weight-Loss Strategies

There are exactly 5 ways to lose weight in the LONGTERM- WITHIN a low carb, keto/carnivore dietary paradigm •Preventing Carb Creep •Time Restricted Feeding •Protein Leverage •Hunger Re-Assessment •Exercise Preventing Carb Creep In any dietary paradigm, when it’s new, a person naturally restricts until they get accustomed to eating within the framework. As time goes […]