Medical Weight Loss Series

Including here are videos from my Medical Weight Loss Series.
Once a month, I answer topics requested by members of our Free Weight Loss Support Group

October 2019

  • Topic: "The Truth About Nutrition"
  • Presentation at Grand Rounds

June 2019

  • Topic: Clinical Approach to Weight Loss
  • Presentation at Grand Rounds

December 2018

  • Topic: Weight Loss Plateaus
  • I answer: "How to approach stalls?"

November 2018

  • Topic: Insulin Resistence and Hypertension
  • I answer: "How are BP & insulin related"

October 2018

  • Topic: Sweeteners
  • I answer: "Are Sweeteners okay? Which ones?"

October 2018

  • Topic: Lab Test
  • I answer: "What should we look for on keto?"

September 2018

  • Topic: Exercise
  • I answer: "When & which exercise to start?""

September 2018

  • Topic: Ketogenic Diet & Cheat Meals
  • I answer: "When are Cheat Meals okay?"

August 2018

  • Topic: Intermittent Fasting
  • I answer: "Is intermittent fasting bad for women?"