This week health coach Brian Wiley shared a quick and simple fast-food hack that he recently had on his plate:

I was out all day and needed an easy meal, so I ordered 5 roast beef sandwiches from Arby’s and threw away the buns and the sugar-filled ketchup.

These were on sale: 5 sandwiches for $10. (If the sandwiches aren’t on sale near you, buy roast beef by the pound from Arby’s catering menu. Locally, a pound of beef in a container is usually around $10.)

If you’re on the road, you can eat it as is, or if you have the time to bring it home, you can easily customize: quickly heat up some peppers, onions or mushrooms and add some cheese for a quick cheesesteak bowl. I also like to make omelets and other things with the beef and cheese. They also heat up nicely if you have leftovers.


The buns and ketchup exactly where they should be…in the garbage



Article by Amy Eiges

Amy Eiges is a health coach and reformed chronic dieter who is passionate about helping others recover from the diet-binge-gain-shame cycle she struggled with for years. Since discovering a ketogenic and low-carb lifestyle, she has lost over 200 pounds and has both reversed pre-diabetes and resolved lifelong depression. "When I was just starting out, facing 200 pounds to lose seemed insurmountable, and the idea I would ever be where I am now was unfathomable. Know this: I am not extraordinary. I just finally got the right advice, put one foot in front of the other and didn't look back. I know now that it can be done, but after battling this war for 40 years I had lost hope that it was really, truly possible. I am living proof that it is." Read more about Amy's story and struggles with food addiction and chronic dieting ("I Am Not Broken").