One of the problems is that protein can be engineered to be hyperpalatable. Think of how good protein bars, protein shakes, protein cookies & protein chips taste… And now think about how widely available they are…

While there may be some unique hormonal signals w/high protein intake that may induce satiety, the flavor
& palatability of these products can induce hyperphagia

I often ask my patient how much plain/grilled shrimp they can eat. I then ask them to imagine (or even try) adding salty butter sauce or marinara sauce to that shrimp, and I will ask them if they could eat more or less? They tell me they could eat MUCH more… some have actually tried, as I have, and report back to me that, in fact, they can eat much more. In this example, protein can be OVEREATEN, just like any other macronutrient, with a little flavor, or a little sugar, or a little fat, or salt.

Bottom line: Palatability can override proteins efficacy to some extent.

Is Protein King? Yes, but the queen is palatability/hyperphagia.

Article by Tro Kalayjian

I am a board-certified physician, I lost 150lbs to reclaim my health for myself and my family. I did it by ignoring much of the conventional medical advice that we have been told. My life's goal is to get you healthy and prevent disease. I want to get you OFF of your medications.