A Medical Weight Loss Program To Treat & Reverse Disease

A unique 24-week program with real-time monitoring & health coaching

Our Program

Initial Visit


Comprehensive Evaluation & Diagnostics

The initial appointment is focused on you 

You can come in to our office or we can start the consultation completely remotely using Tele-medicine software, in the comfort of your own home, using a state-of-the-art, encrypted, video-conferencing application from your desktop or smartphone. Dr. Tro and a Health Coach will be there to help get you started.

Our Program Is Smart & Connected

When you begin the program you will receive smart equipment pertaining to your care that communicates directly to our staff for close monitoring. We will monitor your weight, BMI, body composition, and if needed blood pressure all seamlessly.

We spend time with you because we care

Your initial appointment is typically 1-1.5 hours with Dr. Tro and a Health Coach. In this visit we review your entire medical history, family history, labs & any diagnostics. This is where we create a custom nutrition plan & focus on fixing hunger, satiety and appetite with the goal of reversing disease.

Weeks 2-6


Following Your Weekly Progress

Close follow-up to for great results

For the first 6 weeks you will have weekly follow up visits with Dr. Tro and/or a Health Coach to track progress and ensure that the transition to your new lifestyle program is smooth. Our team will be monitoring your body fat % and weight very closely during this time (if applicable to your health we will also monitor your blood glucose and blood pressure).

We focus on the numbers, you focus on you

Our program is designed to work without you tracking calories or tracking much of anything. Your sole focus will be on understanding and fixing your satiety, appetite and hunger. We want you to focus on what matters, let us handle the rest.

Weeks 6-12


Metabolic Fine Tuning

We monitor your metabolic markers

After 8 weeks in our program, we will repeat lab work to monitor your progress and ensure your blood work improves. Around the 8 week visit, we will review this lab work and make some minor changes to maximize the effects of lifestyle changes.

We continue to focus on the WHOLE you

This visit the focus will shift from diet composition to various other features for health including, sleep schedules, stress, time-restricted feeding, and intermittent fasting. Our team will continue to monitor your progress during the transition to ensure the process is smooth.

Weeks 12-16


Fasting & Fitness

Re-examining barriers to success

At your 12 week visit, we will continue to work on any barriers to your progress. We will re-evaluate your dietary composition, your satiety, hunger and appetite. We will review your eating schedule.

Beginning Medical Fitness together

We will discuss the role of a medical fitness program to complement your lifestyle changes. This will improve your insulin sensitivity, body composition and overall health.

Weeks 16-20


Follow-up for Continued Success

Ensuring great metabolic health

At your 16 week visit, we order repeat lab work to ensure good metabolic health. Our team will give further guidance & accountability & advise for long-term success.

We help you handle weight loss plateaus and special situations

We discuss factors that increase the chances of weight loss maintenance, as well as special ways to handle weight loss plateaus and special situations.

Weeks 20-24


Health Coaching & Exercise

We focus on stress management, further progress & weight loss maintenace.

From weeks 20 and beyond, the focus of the tail end of the program is maintaining initial success and providing further accountability.

What's Included?

  • Remotely monitored, smart-scale and blood pressure cuff (if indicated)
  • Virtual or in-office appointments to fit your schedule
  • Comprehensive 90-minute initial medical evaluation with a physician & personal health coach
  • Structured program with intensive follow-up with both physician and health coach, for a total of 15 visits, including our personalized onboarding experience
  • Initial start-up material including a detailed program plan with replacement items, grocery lists & recipes
  • Personalized assessments after each visit
  • Evaluation of three comprehensive lab panels throughout the program to monitor your progress and medical needs
  • Exercise plans available
  • The office will assist you with submitting out-of-network claims to your insurance for possible reimbursement

What's Not Included?

  • Although we offer point-of-care ultrasound, basic lipid panels, hba1c, and chem-8 labs in the office with a fingerstick, we do not draw comprehensive labs or imaging in the office.
  • For comprehensive labs or imaging, you will need to visit your in-network lab or imaging center with the orders from our office
  • Labs, imaging, CGM, and medication costs are not included in this program, please contact your medical insurance company
  • If you require visits or in-office tests that are outside of a typical program, we can work with you to submit these claims to your out-of-network medical insurance benefits

Simple Pricing

24 Week Weight Loss Program
with real-time monitoring
with Intensive Follow-up

$500/monthly retainer for 6 months

Ready To Start?