Group Coaching:
A supportive & social way to reclaim your health

Key Points

Weekly Meetings
  • Tuesdays 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. EST
  • Enrolled Clients Only
  • Supportive Environment
Introductory Session & Getting Started
  • An introductory 1-on-1 session with a Health Coach
  • Includes 4-Page General Plan
  • $150 for the scale & introductory session, $10/month thereafter
Structured Curriculum

Monthly Topics will be explored in-depth each week. These topics will be a supplement to the Introductory Session and 4-page General Plan.

Led by our Experts

Our trained & experienced Health Coaches will guide each Group Coaching session.

Monthly Curriculum

  •  January:
    • Controlling appetite
    • post-holiday reboot
  •  February:
    • Fasting 101
    • IF
    • TRF
    • Extended fasts
  •  March:
    • Keto myths
  •  April:
    • Getting started with exercise
  •  May:
    • Making your lifestyle a priority
    • Self Advocacy
  •  June:
    • Keep momentum going...
    • What to do when willpower fades
  • July:
    • Adjusting to the New Normal
      • Navigating the new social norm
      • How to prepare and recover from unexpected meal mishaps
  • August:
    • Understanding disease
      • cholesterol
      • diabetes
      • metabolic health
      • sleep hygiene and its impact on diet and weight
      • supplements and electrolytes
      • exercise
      • stress management
      • why your “why” is more than your weight: health, longevity, inflammation, pain management, mental health
  • September:
    • Appetite Suppression techniques
  • October:
    • Dirty Keto Secrets
  • November:
    • Preparing for Holidays
  • December:
    • Reasonable Expectations

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Initial 1-on-1 Session w/Health Coach

$150 Introductory Session
includes 4 Page General Blue Print
FREE Smart Remote Monitoring Equipment
*Current or Prior Clients/Patients contact the office to waive the Introductory Session.

Monthly Group Coaching Program

Sessions, Health Coaches, and Educational Material included
Monthly Monitoring of your Smart Scale through Remote Monitoring